Commercial UAV Expo content at Amsterdam Drone Week  

September 5-7, 2023  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

DayCor® micROM

DayCor® micROM

DayCor® micROM, a compact professional HD corona camera for UAVs.
– Bi-Spectral UV-Visible
– DayCor® Solar Blind technology
– Light weight low power consumption
– Onboard communication ports
– Electromagnetic shielding
– Top quality optics
– Powerful zoom
– Ready integration solutions for DJI
– Integration support for other UAVs
DayCor® micROM pinpoints faults, transmits & records in real time true imaging. Takes HD video & snapshots.

DayCor® micROM is used by UAS operators in Europe, Asia, Latin America, USA & Canada. The system provides reliable data on existing corona events. Data is hand for diagnostics and for assessing overhead line components’ condition. A fully integrated plug-N-play solution is available for DJI m300 drones on Gremsy gimbals

DayCor® micROM HD

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