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September 5-7, 2023  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas



Now more than ever, there is an urgent need for consistent bathymetric mapping in highly dynamic coastal shorelines. Fortunately, Phoenix LiDAR Systems now offers the ultimate high-resolution land/water interface mapping solution!

The HydroRANGER, our new Airborne Topo-Bathymetric (ATB) system, provides dual purpose topographic and bathymetric measurements for full scene mapping of shoreline systems – check out this video showing a dataset with 17m water depth penetration!

Near-shore topobathymetric digital elevation models are essential for navigation and ocean science and imperative for a wide range of applications; from studying the effects of climate change and generating hydrodynamic models to creating nautical charts and assisting in coral habitat conservation.

The HydroRANGER is designed for mounting on a wide variety of rotorcraft. Combine the power of the HydroRANGER system with our industry leading MissionGuidance software to confidently and accurately execute manned data acquisition missions.

Utilizing a visible green spectrum laser with an elliptical scan pattern and measurement rates up to 200 kHz, the HydroRANGER provides a combination of high spatial resolution and spatial accuracy. Capable of reaching beyond 2 Secchi depths, this is the ideal solution for mapping land-water interface environments along rivers, reservoirs, oceans and more!


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