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Session Details

Advanced Airspace Summit – Part II: Establishing Regulatory and Operational Frameworks

Sep 06 2023

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM PDT

Room 302-303

AAM Infrastructure Development – Plan for the Future Now!

Private and Government investments are coming to develop AAM infrastructure to support eVTOLs capable of transporting cargo and people. Ken Stewart, CEO of NUAIR, and Jason Terreri, Executive Director at the Syracuse International Airport, will discuss what New York is doing now and the importance of AAM infrastructure planning and development to prepare for the future of aviation. Items include the electrification of airports, physical and digital infrastructure, concept of operations development and more. Future AAM operations will be vital in supporting the national economy, supporting vital supply chains, reducing congestion, reducing carbon emissions and more.

Presented by Ken Stewart, NUAIR and Jason Terreri, Syracuse International Airport

Panel Discussion: Regulation Nation – Working Within Current FAA Regulatory Frameworks to Advanced UAM & UAS Operations

Barriers with regulation are often cited as the biggest obstacle when it comes to enabling UAM & UAS operations. However, with the right planning and understanding, stakeholders can navigate the current ecosystem to set themselves up for success in the present and future. 

The details associated with that understanding are critical to understand though. What is the current state of current Part 107? Will Part 108 change things for certain stakeholders? How can someone work within the regulatory framework of today that will still make sense as the technology and standards change? Panelists will answer these questions while also fully detailing… 

  • which Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) define the CFR’s (Regulations the Code of Federal Regulations governing flight) that most affect your operations 
  • the specifics of FAR CFR Part 135 and how this regulatory standing will play a part in any operations where you are moving passengers or goods for compensation. 
  • How will FAR CFR Part 108 apply to the future of UAS?
  • Will FAR CFR Part 91 apply to AAM operations?
  • What waivers and COA’s are currently being used to enact regulatory compliance within our current UAS framework.

The future airspace that sees UAM ecosystems synchronized with UAS operations and crewed aircraft can only be enabled with a better understanding of what’s possible today. Attendees will come away with specific insights into how to safely and effectively move past regulatory challenges today in a way that opens up further opportunities for them in the future.

Panel moderated by Toni Drummond, Titan Aviation. Speakers include: Charlton Evans, End State Solutions LLC; Don Berchoff, TruWeather Solutions; Eileen Lockhart, Spright; Kristen Costello, DroneUp; Jon Hanlon, Zipline.

Panel Discussion: People, Process and Policy for Drone, Cargo and Air Taxi Operations

The framework that is needed to empower UAS businesses to scale and provide the sustainable alternatives to communities is still being defined, but essential pieces of this framework do exist. OEMs and their manufacturing partners are creating many of these pieces, but what does it mean to put them together in a way that enables safety and scale for operations and stakeholders? How will these aircraft operate everywhere from airports to parking lots? Will this framework come together in pieces or in a more holistic manner? 

This panel will bring together stakeholders that are currently working on this framework to define how things are currently coming together and how others can partner and work with them to see it enabled more quickly. Panelists will discuss…

  • What actions and programs are being implemented to further public acceptance for both drones and eVTOL vehicles alike. 
  • How are state and local governments progressing as they look to the future. 
  • What is the timeframe in which we will begin air taxi services and how will that affect the future operational tempo. 
  • What developments in concepts of operations (ConOps) and workforce development that will affect the industry.

Attendees will get a sense of how OEMs and essential partners are responding to market demands while also cultivating a sense of trust in the airspace on the part of operators, stakeholders and the general public. That sense of trust is an essential element of the airspace of the present and future.

Panel moderated by Dawn Zoldi, P3 Tech Consulting. Speakers include Ed De Reyes, Sabrewing; Jon Damush, Iris Automation; Josh Olds, USI

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