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September 3-5, 2024  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

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Advancing Critical Infrastructure Inspections

Sep 04 2024

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM PDT

Room 309

Inspections of critical infrastructure are commonly thought to be dangerous, costly, and inefficient. As drone technology progresses, these conceptions are beginning to fade as we discover new solutions for infrastructure inspections. As this technology has advanced over the years and more tools have become available, drone-captured data from inspections is more useful than ever. In this session, attendees will learn about the value of integrating AI into data processing and workflows while getting an in-depth understanding of how to gather high-quality data via drone capture. See real-world examples and hear from industry experts on their lessons learned and best practices.

Transforming Asset Inspections Using Drones and Artificial Intelligence
Representatives from gNext Labs and Stantec will deliver a presentation discussing the transformative integration of drone technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a supplementary tool in the inspection of infrastructure assets. The adoption of drones enables more efficient and accurate inspections, while minimizing risk in the process. A cloud-based solution that harnesses photogrammetry and AI capabilities is used to generate high-resolution digital twins of infrastructure, aiding in the precise detection and quantification of defects. This approach leverages the vast computational power and scalability of cloud technology to analyze and interpret inspection data, facilitating efficient and accurate assessment of infrastructure health. By applying change-over-time visualization techniques, this method serves as a potent addition to traditional asset health monitoring strategies, promoting proactive maintenance. The integration of drones, advanced photogrammetry, cloud computing, and AI, rather than replacing current methods, brings a significant enhancement to asset management for Department of Transportation (DOT) agencies and engineering firms. This approach streamlines the inspection process and further secures our nation’s critical transportation infrastructure. The presentation will highlight a customer use case, demonstrating the practical application and immense benefits of this innovative approach.
Russ Ellis, gNext Labs, LLC

Optimizing Inspection with Drone Workflows
Bridge inspections are traditionally slow, costly, and fraught with risk. In this session, Skydio will reveal how drone technology is revolutionizing this process, presenting findings from a recent bridge inspection in the southwest. We’ll demonstrate how drones not only speed up data capture and 3D modeling but also enhance data quality, leading to better maintenance decisions and operational efficiency. During this presentation, attendees will learn: How drone technology uncovers critical issues during bridge inspections. Explore how drones streamline inspections, yielding faster, more accurate results with fewer resources. Understand the significant reduction in inspection times, freeing up personnel and equipment for essential tasks. Gain insights into the substantial cost savings and budgetary benefits of integrating drone technology into inspection workflows. Join us in exploring the cutting edge of autonomous security solutions, where innovative technology synergizes with proactive vigilance to redefine the future of site protection.
Lee McMillan, Skydio





gNext Labs, LLC


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