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Agenda Session


Sep 07 2022

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM PDT

Room 405-407

There are numerous drone products and solutions that can be used on the construction site but what are the advantages that some of these provide over others? Are some solutions better at measuring construction progress to timelines and financials while others make the sharing of real-time information with contractors simpler? This session will detail many of the airframes, systems and solutions that can make a difference on the construction site.

Session moderated by Jonathan Beaty, Kiewit Geospatial.

How are large and small construction firms using drones?

Drones are reducing costs and increasing safety on construction sites of all types and sizes. This variety highlights the opportunity of the technology but also the challenges with assessing the actual and potential value. How does the use of a drone impact the bottom line? Will adoption mean training for the current crew? How will the data captured via drone be integrated? This session will look at the most useful advances in drone technologies for construction applications and how to best integrate them into projects by answering these questions while fully detailing:

· Utilizing photogrammetry for 3d and BIM coordination

· Utilizing ground control points, geolocating a map and calculating cut/fill analysis or volumetrics

· How to utilize drone data for risk management, hazardous equipment inspections, and predictive analytics

· The value of early assessment and data collection and the value of that information for the project team

· Tracking the time and resources spent utilizing drones to determine grades and contours vs the cost of traditional survey

· Balancing the collection of data in the field and managing the consumption of the data in the office in a way that reduces time and effort

· Cost savings associated with foregoing traditional aerial photography

Dean Miller, Sundt Construction

UAV Success in Construction

This presentation will highlight how to increase efficiencies by utilizing UAV's to add an additional layer of safety; Capture existing conditions; Prepare site logistics; Track specific stages of construction progress ; Quantify and monetize materials.

Michael Lambert, Chasco Constructors  

Utilizing Drones for Efficient, Safe and Budget-Friendly Site Surveying

DroneDeploy CEO and co-founder Mike Winn will discuss how UAVs help organizations save time, decrease costs and avoid unnecessary risk while pulling accurate data and detailed digital replicas of construction sites. With drones and mapping software, such as DroneDeploy, contractors can efficiently map a site, verify subcontractor work and conduct more reliant safety and equipment checks. Overall, this management increases the project's likelihood to finish on time and stay within budget.

While this technology isn't new to the construction industry, drones and the associated software are constantly evolving to capture more detailed data, provide quick and easily assimilated maps and allow for closely inspecting sites. Together, the two companies will discuss how their work using drones and DroneDeploy's software are changing the reality of construction site management and the future of the construction industry.

Mike Winn, DroneDeploy            

Transforming Facility Management with Drone Mapping and Lidar Tech-first Solutions

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) provide the ability to have an aerial view along with the collection of high precision data revolutionizing construction sites. This session will introduce best practices and effective data flow that can be implemented by construction teams, designers, and owners. Attendees will learn how to utilize Drone programs to collect Real-time Data. This gives access to the most relevant information at every stage of a project including 3D Highly accurate existing conditions documentation during the close-out phase, not just at a few select intervals. High-resolution 3D point clouds generated with drones yield millions of data points, giving us a rich set of information. providing project teams and clients with advanced aerial solutions, including accurate aerial survey and inspection, jobsite connectivity and 3D mapping. Combing the drone captured data of exteriors with interior laser scans into Virtual reality enhances the quality and accuracy of BIM and MEP data and visuals. This presentation led by Amr Raafat, 2019 Autodesk AEC Innovator of the Year, who utilized drone data to transform onsite coordination for prefabricated buildings and modular construction, will provide an overview of the experience in using drones with multiple examples and case studies on Mapping with UAVs combined with VR visualization, highlighting techniques for all stages of the project life cycle, (Pre-construction, construction, post-construction and focusing on ongoing facility management maintenance.).

Amr Raafat, Windover Construction

Attendees will come away from this session with numerous tools that will enable them to better quantify the value of drone technology in their established or potential drone program.


Kiewit Geospatial Serivces

Chasco Constructors


Windover Construction


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