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Session Details

Drone Pilot Opportunities and Operations

Sep 06 2023

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM PDT

Exhibit Hall Theater

Reports and headlines associated with the value that drone technology represents are pervasive as ever, but what has changed for individual pilots and enterprise stakeholders is the ability to take advantage of these opportunities. Doing so requires an understanding of the technology, market, and process that this session will fully explore.

Panels moderated by Desi Ekstein, On the Go Video

Technology Enables Opportunity

The concept of a “complete drone solution” has defined headlines in the drone industry for many years, but few have been able to agree on what exactly that terms should mean. That term can be defined in a way that makes sense for a given operator or organization, but it needs to be done so with a firm understanding of the technologies, standards and operations that this “complete drone solution” is designed to enables. A panel of drone experts will discuss the approach that needs to be taken with each to open up specific opportunities for a wide range of drone applications.

Specific questions that will be explored include:

•            How can adopting open standards improve an ecosystem?

•            What do operators need to know about SDK?

•            What are the key questions to ask when making hardware/software decisions?

•            When will we see open battery interface standards?

Panelists include Matt Isenbarger and Godfrey Nolan

Creating or Augmenting a Market

Drones are being used to do everything from take pictures from above to create light shows that awe audiences around the globe. What are some of the unique applications of the technology that have bolstered or newly created demand? And what does it mean to take advantage of these opportunities?

Operators and stakeholders that have applied the technology in multiple counties will come together to answer these questions while also detailing:

•            How to compel stakeholder buy-in

•            What is means to assess revenue opportunities in specific vertical industries

•            Making drone technology make sense to non-technical professionals

Panelists include Matthew Johnson, Vic Moss, and Robert Cheek


Rural Drone Academy

On the Go Video


Freefly Systems

Volatus Aerospace

Moss Photography


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