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Drone Regulations and Global Standards

Sep 06 2023

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM PDT

Room 306-308

The drone industry has had to contend with a number of legal and regulatory challenges that have impacted everything from how far, where, and when we can fly to where our equipment can originate from. Additionally, standards will be critical to UAV adoption across the world. A panel of experts will explore what’s next for both.

The Future of BVLOS Operations: Exploring new FAA Approaches to UAS Approvals

While many recognize that current drone standards are both outdated and constrained, there are a variety of perspectives when it comes to the creation of new industry standards that will define BVLOS operations. The FAA is exploring various proposals that will enable operations without visual observers, signifying a burst of activity around the creation and implementation of supporting standards and precedent-based approval frameworks. Has the FAA’s approach to supporting scalable drone applications shifted? What impact will these standards/frameworks have on the market? When can we expect to see movement? A panel of experts who have been working to define performance-based regulatory requirements that will normalize BVLOS operations will answer these questions while also outlining what stakeholders need to know about how to best approach their own BVLOS operations in the short and long term.

Panel moderated by Dallas Brooks, Wing

Standards Supporting UAS Rulemaking Around the Globe: BVLOS to U-Space/UTM (30 Minute Panel)

It is widely acknowledged that achieving commercial BVLOS operations at scale is a top priority for the Uncrewed Aviation Industry. However, these operations present challenges for both the industry and regulators. The FAA BVLOS ARC recommendations highlight the need for requirements defined in industry consensus standards to mitigate hazards, foster public confidence, and accelerate the acceptance and implementation of BVLOS technology. The regulatory landscape in numerous countries facilitates a range of drone operations, utilizing safety and security risk mitigations to manage operational risks. This panel will explore how industry stakeholders are collaborating through consensus standards organizations to develop standards that address common safety and security challenges worldwide. The discussion will primarily focus on the areas mentioned in the BVLOS ARC report, in anticipation of the NPRM release in February 2024. Furthermore, the panel will discuss drone solutions and data-related case studies supported by research conducted through and supporting industry consensus standards.

Panel moderated by Phillip Kenul, ASTM International. Speakers include Andy Thurling, DroneUp; Amit Ganjoo, ANRA; Matthew Edwards, MIT/Lincoln Labs; Dallas Brooks, Wing.

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