September 6-8, 2022  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

Agenda Session

Drone Visionaries: Getting Drones to Work Today

Sep 07 2022

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM PDT

Room 421

Invitation-only panelists selected for their incredible insights as well as their energy and efforts to move the collective industry forward will showcase their status as drone industry visionaries. What efforts have they undertaken to make the technology make sense right now? How have these visionaries changed the way drone technology is being utilized? What opportunities do they believe are right in front of the industry as a whole? How have they worked with regulators and policymakers to move our industry forward?  The Drone Visionaries will answer all of these questions while also discussing:
·   What it means to integrate aerial with terrestrial / intermodal robotic applications
·   Implications of laws and regulations on business in the US and around the world
·   The importance of a “drone champion” within an organization
·   How drone programs fit within a broader organization

​​​​​​​Session moderated by Gretchen West, Commercial Drone Alliance

Attendees will come away from this session with a sense of how the ideas, approaches and technologies that drone visionaries are focused on enabling in the short term can make a positive impact for any organization looking to take the next step with drone integration.

Autonomous Drone Systems: The Future of Industrial Data           
In this session, Reese Mozer, Co-Founder and CEO of American Robotics, a leader in automated industrial drone solutions, will discuss how end-to-end data collection and analytics capabilities with autonomous drone systems are transforming critical industries and helping them work smarter, not harder. The real value of the commercial drone industry lies within high-frequency, high-resolution data collection, and thus the ability to digitize and analyze the physical world. Reese will discuss why commercial drone manufacturers must consider real-world customer workflows when designing and developing these systems. Reese will also speak about how autonomy in the drone space allows for more frequent and safe data collection to enable actionable insight within industries that are relying on these systems to solve some of the world's largest problems. In order to see the benefits of drone-based data collection, users need systems that can conduct multiple flights per day autonomously, indefinitely. Thanks to advances in both hardware and software, commercial drone manufacturers are in the position to make this goal a reality.

Effective autonomous data collection and analysis enables those in critical industries, such as oil & gas, bulk materials, mining, and rail, to consistently monitor how their physical assets are performing. This critical data can better inform decision-making processes to be both more efficient and more sustainable. Reese will also use this session to discuss why the commercial drone industry needs to work closely with the FAA to develop drone systems that are authorized to operate without a human observer on-site, allowing the regular collection of drone data that can then be transformed into actionable insights.

Attendees will leave this session with a clear understanding of how autonomous drone-in-a-box technology is making an impact in some of the world's most critical industries. Manufacturers of commercial drones will leave with a better understanding of the critical technologies needed to unlock the full potential of drones, while leaders across key markets will gain an understanding of how autonomous drones are impacting their industries and providing new valuable data at frequencies never before possible.
Reese Mozer, American Robotics


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