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Agenda Session

Improving Internal Inspections with Lidar Drones

Sep 07 2022

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM PDT

Room 405-407

Utilizing drones to conduct internal inspections can create unique challenges since they often need to take place in confined spaces that have to consider everything from blocked entry points to poor reception to processes that are based on "the way things have always been done." However, working through these challenges has proven to be worthwhile for the biggest agriculture company in the world and some of the biggest energy companies in the United States. The efficiencies they've been able to quantify can be measured in terms of being able to do established inspection tasks in ways that are faster, cheaper and safer. Such efficiencies can cut down turnaround times by anywhere from 30%-90%—resulting in savings or efficiencies that can be measured in six figures or more. 

Session moderated by Zacc Dukowitz, Flyability.

Join this panel to learn how leaders at Cargill, FMI, GAPAC, and the DOE are using data collected by drones, including LiDAR data, to drive better decisions and improve their work inside dangerous, hard-to-reach places.



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Idaho Environmental Coalition-ICP at the Idaho National Lab

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