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Industry Vertical Insights: The How and Why of Drone Applications

Sep 07 2023

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM PDT

Room 309

Professionals have utilized drones in unexpected ways to create real value. However, the value generated by drones in numerous industries and for various applications extends far beyond simple economic impacts, but how is the technology being used to unlock that value? And why has it made sense for stakeholders to push through what can something be especially onerous challenges with start-up costs and regulatory hurdles? How can these technology advocates best approach problems with existing hardware and software to enable this value at scale?

Arctic Aerial and Underwater Imagery and Surveys Using Drone Technologies- Opportunities and Challenges

Arctic UAV is the only commercial drone company that is owned operated north of the 60th parallel in the eastern arctic of Canada. It was established in 2015 in Iqaluit Nunavut Canada in the eastern Arctic of Canada. The company provides imagery and surveys for various government agencies and private sector organizations Examples of the services that Arctic UAV has provided include: Arctic wildlife and marine life surveys, Sea Ice conditions surveys for climate change scientist, coast guard commercial shipping vessels ,sea Ice condition surveys for Hunters and Trappers and more. The presentation will detail how the aerial surveys and imagery is of critical importance to hunters that rely on hunting caribou other wild life and fishing and harvesting arctic char Greenland Halibut, and narwhal as a primary food source for Inuit in the arctic.

Kirt Ejesiak, Arctic UAV

Project FALCON: Wall Thickness Measurement on Pipes, Tanks and Ships Via Drone and Deployable Robot

Project FALCON is capable of performing contact inspection tasks at oil & gas and water assets in onshore or offshore facilities. The focus is on ultrasonic test (UT) measurements on pipes, vessels/tanks and ships. The drone has hybrid motion capabilities (GPS / GPS-denied, autonomous / manual), that enables it to fly towards the target to be inspected, conduct an automated landing maneuver on the target surface and release a small satellite robot ("crawler") to perform such UT scans. FALCON is based on a "system-of-systems" approach, namely the interaction between drone ("carrier system") and crawler, which carries out the actual inspection task. There are novel aspects shown, such as navigation in a GPS-free environment, rotation of the drone around the own axis and landing on all pipe positions – 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions (vertical and horizontal) as well as on vertical surface.

Alex Fraess-Ehrfeld, AIR6 SYSTEMS

How Fast and Reliable Drone Data Collection is Transforming Workflows and Data Management in Major Construction Projects

Rancho Mission Viejo has been developing large-scale, master-planned communities since the late 1960's. A typical development phase can exceed 100 acres (40 ha) and include anywhere from 600 to 900 graded lots for sale to home builders. Grading contracts have ranged in size from 1 to 25 million cubic yards. So they also hired a survey and GIS company called TurnPoint Geomatics to track work being done in order to pay the right price for it. Through a geosurveying evolutionary process, TurnPoint Geomatics have been discovering more and more advantages of capturing fast and reliable data using next-generation drones. This case study provides a perfect example of all those advantages coming together into a single project.

Alexander Craig, Wingtra

Advancing the Drone Industry: Exploring True End-to-End Solutions for Weed Management, Mine Progress Monitoring, and Forestry Inventory Management

The drone industry and its manufacturers have touted their end-to-end solutions for years, but do they really meet the needs of their industries? Join us as we delve into three specific applications, and look at how Quantum-Systems and its partners aim to tackle this challenge, and finally offer a true end-solution for our customers.

Simon Morris, Quantum-Systems

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