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Session Details

Industry Vertical Insights: The How and Why of Drone Applications

Sep 07 2023

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM PDT

Room 309

Professionals have utilized drones in unexpected ways to create real value. However, the value generated by drones in numerous industries and for various applications extends far beyond simple economic impacts, but how is the technology being used to unlock that value? And why has it made sense for stakeholders to push through what can something be especially onerous challenges with start-up costs and regulatory hurdles?

Hear from industry stakeholders as well as drone program operators and team members as they discuss the roadmap to success for drones in industries that include construction, agriculture, energy, forestry and more, all of which are defined by tasks such as inspection, surveying and monitoring. 

Transforming and Advancing Workflows Across Industries and Ecosystems

Aerial surveys and imagery is of critical importance to hunters that rely on hunting caribou other wildlife and fishing and harvesting arctic char Greenland Halibut. It is also essential to grading contracts that have ranged in size from 1 to 25 million cubic yards. Additionally, drones are being used to perform contact inspection tasks at oil & gas and water assets in onshore or offshore facilities and to enable new end-to-end solutions in agriculture, forestry and mining. 

While the specifics associated with each of these applications vary in scope and setting, the approach to creating value in all of them are remarkably similar. Operators and stakeholders in all of these verticals can approach understanding and creating them in the same manner. These specifics will be detailed in presentations that focus on…

• Measurements on Pipes, Tanks and Ships Via Drone and Deployable Robot

• How Fast and Reliable Drone Data Collection is Transforming Workflows and Data Management in Major Construction Projects

• True End-to-End Solutions for Weed Management, Mine Progress Monitoring, and Forestry Inventory Management

Presenters will then come together for a discussion that explores how attendees can approach setting up their team and organization for drone program success in the short term and long term, no matter their industry or place in the adoption process.

Moderated by Mike Blades

Presenters include: Alex Fraess-Ehrfeld, Peyton McCain, and Simon Morris

How Can Drones and Digital Twins be Utilized to Predict and React to Environmental Variables?

With the ever-increasing risks associated with biodiversity, land degradation, and water limitations, agribusinesses are relying more on data-analysis tools and other technologies to produce more crops while limiting their environmental impact; this practice is commonly referred to as precision agriculture. One emerging technology that is revolutionizing farming operations are digital twins: virtual replicas of a physical object that can simulate different scenarios and make data-driven decisions to optimize farming operations. 

By using digital twins in agriculture, farmers will have the ability to predict crop yields and optimize planting patterns, understand how different soil conditions will affect crop yields, and make data-driven decisions on when and where to plant different varietals to maximize harvest potential. Although this capability can greatly enhance production systems, digital twins are dependent on having access to accurate data. One of the ways this technology can obtain a great amount of data is through the use of UAS. 

This discussion will outline how farmers and others can leverage UAVs to collect and compile the data needed to create digital twins and deliver live updates into the model during the inspection. It will detail what it looks like to turn large data sets into models to predict and react to a variety of environmental variables.

Moderated by Nicholas Flom.

Presenters include: William Aderholdt, Dr. Jamey Jacob, and Brady Eilers

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