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Session Details

Industry Vertical Insights: The Where and What of Drone Applications

Sep 07 2023

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM PDT

Room 309

Professionals in numerous industries have utilized drones in unexpected ways to create real value. Where specifically is this value being created? What does it mean to measure this value? How is it being reflected in terms of processes and tasks that teams can now go about in different ways?  

Hear from industry stakeholders as well as drone program operators and team members as they discuss the roadmap to success for drones in industries that range from construction to energy to public safety that are defined by tasks such as inspection, surveying and monitoring. A series of unique case studies and discussions will show where drones can create measurable and immeasurable value.

Session moderated by Ashley Hanson, John Deere

Setting Up Your Team and Organization for Drone Program Success

While applications of drone technology vary from industry to industry, the foundation for success that all of those applications reside upon looks very similar. Setting the right expectations is tantamount, but there are specific approaches and insights that define what it means to set up a team and organization for success. Those details are associated with determining the effectiveness of drone aerial surveys and the data delivered before taking to the sky. They’re defined by the culture of a drone program that needs to be actively cultivated. They’re connected to an understanding of how true autonomy can be utilized to eliminate human error that is the major contributor to incidents and accidents. 

Professionals in industries that range from construction to mining & aggregates to public safety to energy & utilities will apply these insights differently, but operators and stakeholders in all of these verticals need to understand them in the same manner. They’ll be detailed in presentations that focus on…

• What it meant to become a premier program from nothing

• An exploration of an A-Z drone data workflow

• How autonomous, safety-centered systems are creating value in various industries

Presenters will then come together for a discussion that explores how attendees can approach setting up their team and organization for drone program success in the short term and long term. 

Presenters include: Chris Greene and Matthew Goodman.

Measuring Drone Program Success in ROI and Beyond

Transitioning from planning to adoption of drone technology is a struggle for many, but the positive results of that shift can be measured in countless ways. Pairing a rotating LiDAR unit with a flight platform in order to perform cavity mapping surveys within open stopes keeps people out of harms’ way. The right approach to scaling a program has been measured to provide rewards of up to 70% improvement in system reliability. Being able to use drones to document the condition of supply after a fuselage is placed on a rail car has proven to save time that helps the team but can also be positioned as bottom-line time savings to organizational stakeholders.  

These efficiencies are specific to certain projects and industries, but the adoption and integration of the technology in these ways showcases lessons that are applicable to everyone. These insights will be detailed in presentations that focus on…

• Autonomous Robots Vs Traditional CMS

• Mastering the Basics for 70% Improvements

• What it Means to Survey a 737 Fuselage Indoors

Presenters will then come together for a discussion that explores how attendees can approach measuring the success of their use of drone technology for their teams and how that value can translate for organizational stakeholders. 

Presenters include: Glen Cork, Raffi Jabrayan, Eric Bitzko

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