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Agenda Session

Mining & Aggregates

Sep 08 2022

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM PDT

Room 405-407

More and more, the mining industry is embracing drone technology. Increased acceptance of drones by the business world—and by the general public —has driven much of this progress. Improvements in mapping and data collection capabilities have also pushed things ahead. Many mining businesses have been “reengineered” to employ drones, greatly improve productivity, reporting, and safety for mining operations. What does this value look like, and how can stakeholders and operators best take advantage of these opportunities? Our Mining & Aggregates track explores all of these questions in great detail.

Session moderated by Thomas Haun, Turner Mining Group

The Future of Underground Autonomous Mining

While autonomous drones in an underground mine might sound like science fiction, they're becoming more prevalent as a way to prevent accidents and increase efficiency in operations. In this presentation, Exyn Technologies — a pioneer in multi-platform robotic autonomy for complex, GPS-denied environments — will walk through how autonomous robots are making significant impacts underground including case studies at Dundee Precious Metals and Pogo Alaska. They will also be exploring the future of autonomous mining through their partnership with EY, realizing a future where ground and aerial autonomous robots team up to monitoring underground cavities while survey teams operate and monitor from the surface.

Raffi Jabrayan, Exyn Technologies

Use case: BNI Coal Brings WingtraOne Drones on Board to Survey its Stockpiles and Sites           

Based in Bismark, North Dakota, BNI Coal Ltd. supplies about 4.5 million tons of lignite coal per year to power a nearby steam electricity generating station. These assets are surface mined from the Center Mine—near Center, North Dakota—at a rate of about 210 acres a year. Given a combination of issues familiar to all surface mines around the world including greater demands for environmental awareness, better stockpile reporting and auditing and increasing desires for onsite safety, BNI Coal turned to the WingtraOne Gen II to improve the efficiency of their workflows. In this talk Alex will discuss some of the ways in which drone technology is changing the face of mining operations for BNI Coal and surface mines around the world. 

Alexander Craig, Wingtra

How can a variety of data capture methods Redefine Your Mine Site and Quarry Management?

Drones are successfully being integrated with other data capture methods to enhance safety and efficiency, but these tools are also being used to provide better inventory and financial data. What kind of logistical challenges need to be overcome in terms of moving away from established tools or processes to enable these benefits? How difficult is it to integrate these different hardware and software solutions in a way that makes sense for established workflows? In this session, attendees will have these questions answered while also learning about:

· What it looks like to integrate aerial drones with terrestrial applications and what it means to run survey-to-survey comparisons

· How the data being captured via drones and the systems they support are enabling better collaboration

· How in house and third-party providers collaborate to fulfill the needs of your site

· What kind of saving and efficiencies are reflected on the bottom line

· How AI is being applied in these environments

Lauren Elmore, Firmatek

Attendees will come away from this session with insights around specific drones, robotic systems and software solutions that can help them define their next step with the adoption of a new tool or process.


Turner Staffing Group



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