Commercial UAV Expo content at Amsterdam Drone Week  

September 5-7, 2023  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

Agenda Session

Security and Counter Drone

Sep 08 2022

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM PDT

Room 408-410

Drones are amazing tools, but they can also be used to cause harm. While technology has moved quickly forward, policies have lagged behind, including around drone security. How is the federal government thinking about counter-drone policy and technology? How can counter-drone solutions be utilized to provide a better sense of the threats that are in the airspace? What does it mean to tailor counter-drone programs to fit specific security needs?

This panel will dig deep to explore what policy proposals under consideration by Congress would mean for the industry. The panel will also discuss stakeholder struggles and highlight what regulatory roadblocks need to be adjusted or removed in order to address these issues in the present to ensure that security issues are properly prioritized in the airspace of the future.



Department of Homeland Security

Department of Justice

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