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September 5-7, 2023  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

Agenda Session

The Complete Workflow Made Easy for Any Drone Projects

Sep 06 2022

10:00 AM - 12:45 PM PDT

Room 230

Skyline Software and AirWise Solutions will be hosting a workshop to discuss and educate how to utilize Drones, Aerial Imagery, and Photogrammetry to produce 2 and 3D products for a broad range of real-world applications. Including construction, public safety, change management, urban planning, and mapping. Signing up gains you access to all 3of our segments in the workshop. Each segment will be run twice, once in the morning and then in the afternoon to accommodate schedules. Joining our workshops will educate both advanced and new users to the industry with a variety of speakers and end-users solving real problems.

10am – 10:45am: Build, Analyze and Share Photogrammetry from manned aircraft, drones, and ground-based imagery
Learn how to use the Skyline Platform to Build, Analyze and Share Photogrammetry products created from manned aircraft, drones, and ground-based imagery for use in the Utilities, Survey and Mapping, and Commercial Industries. Moving your projects to 3D bring in a whole new level of information and context to any industry or report.
A. The PhotoMesh Package will take almost any imagery and create 3D models, 2D True Ortho Photos, Point Clouds, and Digital Surface Models. Ground control points and LiDAR can be used to improve visualization and accuracy of all products. PhotoMesh also scales for fast and large job processing.
B. The TerraExplorer Package allows for visualization and advanced analytics on all your products. Imagery and GIS layers can be combined to find all the answers that decision makers require for projects. Construction, Inspection and City Planning can all benefit from change detection, simulation, and the inspector tool inside of TerraExplorer.
C. The Skyline Globe Server Package allows for all products to be served in the Cloud and consumed with both desktop and Web based clients. An open API allows for easy integration into existing platforms.

11am – 11:45am: Flight planning, Data collecting, Processing, and Managing your Drones precisely at any scale.
Utilizing the AirWise Solutions integrated end-to-end platform makes any drone project streamlined and easy. You will learn how common issues when starting any project are solved. How to use flight, fleet, and safety planning software; processing and product creation; dissemination; and storage capabilities. For all your 2D/3D modeling, mapping, and inspection needs AirWise combines all these stages into one seamless platform that is web-based with mobile components where you need them.
A. The right drone matters for different applications. Most industry data shows that around 80% of jobs can be done with a mid-sized intermediate drone with a 20-40 MP camera. We will discuss the benefits of the H520E Hexacopter which offers standard RTK/PPK models with a Sony E90X camera.
B. How to use the safety and flight planning applications of Flight Manager. Incorporating FAA requirements with the weather, 3D terrain, and building avoidance allow the web-based 3D flight planning for your drone.
C. Utilizing the Photogrammetry and Analytics powered by Skylinesoft, AirWise has automated your processing, data creation, and service needs. AirWise allows you to support your end customers with an enterprise solution, without worrying about building out your own production and service center. The “AirWise Web-based Solution” combines field experience and expertise with automated photogrammetry to process drone imagery and create 3D models, Point Clouds, and 2D True Orthomosaics.
D. Web-based services are created and organized for use in the TerraExplorer desktop software, AirWise/TE Web viewer, and mobile application for visualization and analytics.

12pm – 12:45pm: Engineering Customer Use Cases and Examples
Join different Engineering firms from around the country who will demonstrate how they are using these platforms to drive and expand their businesses. They will show projects end-users paid for from different industries, discuss their workflows from collection to delivery, and how their business solved these complex problems profitably.

Hosted by Skyline Software / AirWise Solutions

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