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September 5-7, 2023  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

Lukas Brchl

Lukas Brchl is CEO & co-founder of Dronetag, a manufacturer of drone remote identification devices. To make the world of drone flying safe and compliant with US & EU regulations, the company designs and manufactures IoT hardware that extends drone features with Remote ID capability. Older UAV models can be effortlessly equipped with add-on devices. At the same time, drone manufacturers can use build-in Remote ID transmitters to produce upcoming drone series. Dronetag helps pilots become digitally visible and better control their fleets or individual flights via the Dronetag mobile application.

Lukas built his first drone back in 2013, pioneering new concepts in aerial photography years before the drone industry boomed. In 2019 a year after winning the Space Application Hackathon, he founded Dronetag with the same inventive power. He graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague, where he still contributes to machine vision research programs. As Remote ID regulations are continuously updated, Lukas actively engages with communities focused on ASTM and ASD-STAN standardizations. His passion, except for drones and underlying hardware, includes a wide range of space technologies and software development.

During his career, Lukas grew a unique skillset combining hardware manufacturing, software development, and drone flying. Switching between a back-end developer position, a drone aerial photography specialist, and his subsequent academic involvement in machine vision research proved invaluable in his current role as the startup founder. Among his most significant success belongs 1st place in the Galileo Masters competition, organization of the HackFIT hackathon in the Czech Republic, participation in creating the Remote ID whitepaper for ASD-STAN, and the latest seed investment received by Dronetag from Y Soft Ventures.


Sep 07 2022

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