The TOP 50 Commercial Drone Visionaries

A visionary is defined as someone who is “thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.” Nowhere is the ability to do so more important than in the commercial drone space, where the expectations around what the technology can do in industries like construction, agriculture and public safety are being refined all the time.

However, being a visionary in this space isn’t just about the future. It’s also about working through regulatory challenges and the differences UAVs can enable in terms of ROI in the present. When it comes to the commercial application of drone technology in just about any industry, being a visionary means being able to actively work toward the future where flights over people and operating BVLOS will be more easily enabled, but to also define how drones can make a given task faster, cheaper or safer right now.

Download our report to discover 50 visionaries who are working to define the present and future of commercial drones in various industries and sectors.

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