Commercial UAV Expo Europe  

September 3-5, 2024  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

UAV Empower: On-Site Features at Commercial UAV Expo

Commercial UAV Expo strives to elevate voices in the commercial drone industry.  See below for on-site event features in collaboration with our industry partners. Scroll down to learn more about our UAV Empower DEI mission and efforts.

This panel, presented by NeuroDiversity Works, centers on the pivotal task of integrating underrepresented groups into the drone industry. Eplore challenges and solutions related to workforce development, education and training, highlighting initiatives aimed at bridging the diversity gap. Expert panelists will offer their perspectives on how to create an environment that is conducive to diversity, equity, and inclusion in this fast-growing field. This discussion is designed for those who are passionate about fostering a vibrant, inclusive future for the drone workforce.

Hear from inspirational women as they share career path stories, and deliver actionable insight based on their successes, key challenges, important learnings, and current industry activities.

Organizations UAV Empower Supports

Commercial UAV Expo was announced as an official filming location for the upcoming multi-part docuseries produced through a partnership from Supporting Partner Women and Drones and Monumental Access. The partnership focuses on inspiring the next generation of talented aviation leaders by capturing the stories and footage of women in the drone industry.

The docuseries will offer a behind-the-scenes look into the professionals, especially women, in the uncrewed aviation space. Read the Women and Drones press release here and listen to the Commercial UAV News podcast about the documentary.

Our UAV Empower Mission

Commercial UAV Expo is a community and a resource for commercial drone professionals. Our mission is to recognize and foster a more diverse environment which is critical to the growth of the industry and its workforce.
Commercial UAV Expo has launched the UAV Empower initiative with a mission to empower underrepresented groups in the commercial drone industry. We aim to foster diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the event, from speakers and exhibitors to attendees and supporting organizations. To do this, we are continuing to expand our partnership programs, offering UAV Empower passes for complimentary exhibit hall admission and discounted conference passes to reduce financial barriers to entry. Complimentary conference passes may also be available – please inquire about availability.  Commercial UAV Expo is also reaching out to members of the commercial drone industry to discuss how the event can further support DEI initiatives in the industry, including offering complimentary promotions to expand visibility for our partners’ DEI initiatives.

Our UAV Empower Efforts

Through these efforts, we aim to influence and encourage an ecosystem for the open exchange of ideas and the ongoing pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the commercial UAS industry.

  • Establish diversity initiatives and seek out diverse and BIPOC speakers for our events
  • Conduct interview calls with leading industry organizations to find ways that Commercial UAV Expo can support industry-wide DEI initiatives
  • Collaborate with supporting organizations and partners that support underrepresented audiences in the commercial drone industry
  • Use the term “Uncrewed” instead of “Unmanned” in references, articles and communications
  • Feature monthly articles on industry DEI initiatives on Commercial UAV News
  • Provide complimentary promotions of customer-led DEI initiatives
  • Commit to creating a more inclusive and diverse Advisory Board
  • Provide complimentary and/or discounted passes to our UAV Empower partners
  • Provide physically accessible space at events

UAV Empower is part of Diversified Communications Diversity, Equity + Inclusion efforts to recognize its responsibility to drive discussions and actively advance the principles of racial equality, social justice, and inclusion. Through these efforts, we aim to influence and encourage an ecosystem for the open exchange of ideas and the ongoing pursuit of best practices.

To learn more about how we can support your DEI initiatives through UAV Empower, contact:

Lora Burns
DEI Manager
Commercial UAV Expo
[email protected]

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Diversified Communications

As a leader in the global expositions and conference industry, Diversified Communications, the organizer of Commercial UAV Expo, recognizes its responsibility to drive discussions and actively advance the principles of racial equality, social justice, and inclusion. We believe that our communities — the DC organization, and the global events industry — are richer, stronger, and more dynamic when they are diverse, equitable, and welcoming.

Our Diversified Communications Commitment:

  • Acknowledge that change begins from within. We will educate ourselves to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will be staunchly anti-racist, pro-LGBTQIA+, and accommodating to all abilities and circumstances.  We will stand against bias, intolerance, and discrimination of any kind.
  • Foster work environments that are welcoming to and inclusive of everyone. Employees will feel comfortable and represented at offices and events. Equitable opportunities for success will exist for everyone. We will actively recruit candidates of diverse backgrounds to broaden and strengthen our employee population.  
  • Ensure our external work reflects our beliefs and our mission. We will position our marketing to represent our diverse industries and customer base. We will foster diversity, equity, and inclusion discussions at our events and within industry associations.
  • Create community partnerships. We will actively partner with community organizations who lead the way in social justice work to affect necessary changes where we work and live.
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