September 7-9, 2021  •  The Mirage  •  Las Vegas

"BEYOND THE CAGE" Live Outdoor Flying Demonstrations

Seeing drones and software in action before you invest in a system provides much-needed insight into their capabilities. That’s why Commercial UAV Expo Americas, in cooperation with Sundance Media Group, offers you the opportunity to see and compare systems in real-world scenarios.

Leading vendors will demonstrate a range of drone applications. Not only will airframe and sensor capabilities be showcased, but a sophisticated AV set up will allow users to view resulting data sets and processing solutions for the full end-to-end view of the technology. Drone experts will be on-hand to narrate live scenarios and field questions from the audience.

Date & Time:      Tuesday, September 7 – 7:30am – 1:00 pm
Location:            Henderson Equestrian Park North
Price:                  $50
Registration:      Register for the demos when you register for the expo here

Round-trip transportation from The Mirage and light refreshments are included.


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The Next Phase of Public Safety UAS with BRINC & TruckVault

“Drones in public safety have come a long way from being just the ‘eyes in the sky’. In this demonstration, Chief James Bushey of the Town of Linn Police Department will showcase the BRINC Lemur, a specially designed UAV for police, fire, and SWAT teams, with unique capabilities to enter tight indoor spaces with or without light, break glass, and showcase its self-righting system, in the situation the aircraft is flipped upside down.

Chief Bushey will deploy the Lemur, which was designed hand-in-hand with one of the busiest SWAT teams in the country, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), from the TruckVault Drone Responder. The TruckVault Drone Responder line helps public safety departments integrate drone technology into their existing vehicles, allowing for quick and easy deployment, monitoring, while enhancing security of their UAS operations.”


The AEE Mach 6 heavy lift aircraft combined with an extremely loud megaphone is a powerful tool for public safety and first responders. The new Thunderhorn on the AEE Mach 6 is capable of clearly communicating live and precorded messaging that can be effective nearly a mile away. The Mach 6 demonstration will also include delivery of a Schiller Medical AED system, a life-saving tool which can be deployed significantly faster than first responders are able to cut through traffic during sudden cardiac arrest scenarios. The AEE Mach 6 also incorporates “Fly to address” capability, enabling first responders to enter an address and automated flight puts the aircraft over that address, where it will use a unique delivery system for deployment of the compact AED system. AEE will locate and identify victims in distress using a thermal camera. The thermal imaging allows first responders to differentiate where victims are located, so the drone can quickly deliver assistance, deploy the on-board AED system.

Autel Robotics

Can you tame the Dragonfish?

You’ve heard the rumors. Now witness the legend firsthand during a flight demonstration you won’t want to miss. See for yourself the unique tilt rotor design and interchangeable payload system that put the Dragonfish lightyears ahead of the VTOL competition. Marvel at the powerful AI tracking capabilities and unbelievably quick assembly system expected to change the game in every sector from public safety to agriculture.

Commaris will be showcasing Seeker, our cutting edge VTOL solution that brings modular payloads and long endurance to your industry. Whether you need situational awareness with long loiter and patrol capabilities or need to map thousands of acres of agricultural land the Seeker will meet your requirements. Featuring EO/IR, multispectral, and 120Mp modular payloads our aircraft can meet the demands of any industry. Along with multiple payloads we offer advanced Hi-Voltage LiPO technology that provides more power per cell than any other UAS on the market. We welcome you to view our demo to see the Seeker in action as it provides live overwatch and we present the new standard in VTOL UAS.

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Long Endurance Flight

Doosan Mobility Innovation creates the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel-cell system for drones, which has flight time more than 2 hours which is 4 times longer than battery drones. We would like to expand the potential of drone usage with long flight time.

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Skydio Autonomy Drone Airshow

Drones have become valuable situational awareness tools, but manually piloted drones still require heavy training and impose a high cognitive load. With Skydio autonomy, one does not need to be expert pilots and can avoid the risk of crashing, putting their focus on the mission at hand and serving their community. This hands-on demo will show you the true power of autonomy and a fundamentally different approach to building and scaling your UAS program. In this flight experience, you’ll get to: 1. Learn about Skydio’s background 2. See how Autonomy revolutionizes operations 3. Test fly Skydio drones in real-life scenarios, including Tactical Ops, Payload Evaluation, and Evidence recovery.

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Skyfront: Longest Endurance Drones Configured for Extended Range BVLOS Applications

Skyfront builds long endurance hybrid-electric multirotor drones. The company’s UAV products enable real industrial applications that were only previously achieved by manned helicopters. Skyfront drones hold the world record for multirotor drone flights and show what extreme applications are achievable even when carrying the latest payloads. Versatility combined with more than 60 miles of BVLOS capability, Skyfront is uniquely capable for applications in challenging environments anywhere.

Come watch the Skyfront Perimeter 8, integrated with advanced LiDAR sensors, maneuver with ease while transmitting critical terrain data live to the audience.

Skyfront drones are deployed to monitor, detect, and explore worldwide.

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Come experience the plan, fly, process workflow from Skyward, a Verizon company and get the first look at our latest integrations and collaborations. Meet with Skyward’s enterprise drone program experts and trainers to learn how to fly in more ways and in more places.

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