September 6-8, 2022  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

Live Outdoor Flying Demonstrations

See drones and systems in action!

Seeing drones and software in action before you invest in a system provides much-needed insight into their capabilities. That’s why Commercial UAV Expo, in cooperation with Sundance Media Group, offers you the opportunity to see and compare systems in real-world scenarios.

Leading vendors will demonstrate a range of drone applications. Not only will airframe and sensor capabilities be showcased, but a sophisticated AV set up will allow users to view resulting data sets and processing solutions for the full end-to-end view of the technology. Drone experts will be on-hand to narrate live scenarios and field questions from the audience.

  • Cost: $75 (register for the demos when you register for the event)
  • What’s included: Round-trip transportation from Caesar’s Forum, refreshments and snacks, bathroom facilities, bleachers, shade structures (not over bleachers)
  • What to know: It can get very hot in the desert! While we will have shade structures this year, they will not be over the bleachers because they would block the demonstrations. Sun hats and sunscreen are highly recommended.


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