Commercial UAV Expo Europe  

September 3-5, 2024  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

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2024 Keynotes

Commercial UAV Expo 2024 Welcome & Opening Keynote

State of the Industry

Session description coming soon.


Lisa Ellman

Commercial Drone Alliance & Hogan Lovells

Gretchen West

Commercial Drone Alliance

Fireside with the FAA

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Moderated by:                                                    Featuring:

Lisa Ellman

Commercial Drone Alliance & Hogan Lovells

Keynote Conversation: Merging, Coasting or Soaring? Unveiling the Future of the Commercial Drone Industry

details coming soon.

Moderated by:                                                    Featuring:

Thursday Keynote Presentations

Outlining the Future of Drone Regulations with the FAA

What’s now and what’s next with commercial drone regulation is top of mind for operators and organizations across the entire drone industry and the FAA has those answers. How are drones factoring into considerations when it comes to how the FAA is setting, overseeing and enforcing safety standards for all aspects of the aviation industry? How could these changes have a direct impact on domestic and international civil aviation safety? Lisa Ellman from the Commercial Drone Alliance will explore all of these questions and more as part of a candid conversation with Jodi Baker, Deputy Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety of the FAA to help stakeholders move forward with commercial drone operations in the short and long term.

Moderated by:                                                      Featuring:

Lisa Ellman

Commercial Drone Alliance & Hogan Lovells

Jodi Baker

Federal Aviation Administration

Keynote Conversation: The Secret to Success for Public & Enterprise Drone Programs: Intentional Implementation for Scalable Adoption

The value that drones can unlock for large organizations when it comes to performing tasks in faster, cheaper and safer ways have been well documented, but that understanding often is not enough to translate to adoption. How will adding drones impact established processes? If the number of boots on the ground are reduced, how can those same assets be redeployed in a more effective manner? What does it mean to calculate how a sizable investment in the technology today will make sense tomorrow?

Listen to the answers that Chief Operating Officer of City of Houston Randy Macchi and Josh Fredriksson from Pacific Gas & Electric has to all of these questions and more. They’ll explore the approach city services and large enterprises need to take when it comes to rethinking workflows, reskilling the workforce and future-proofing investments in the technology. Attendees will come away from this conversation with the insights they need to develop a strategic plan for their drone program, regardless of the current size or use.


Randy Macchi

Houston Public Works

Joshua Fredrikkson

Pacific Gas & Electric

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