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September 3-5, 2024  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

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Looking Forward to Commercial UAV Expo 2023

Commercial UAV Expo 2023: Vertical Focus. Global Reach.

The next edition of the Commercial UAV Expo takes place September 5-7, 2023 at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas.

The vertical focus and global reach of Commercial UAV Expo will continue to be a core element of the 2023 event but you’ll see things taken to the next level in this year’s program. With more case studies and technical presentations that showcase how the technology is being utilized and where it’s making a bottom-line difference, this year’s event will provide attendees with the understanding and insight they need to move forward with the technology.

For anyone looking to get a better understanding of the specific ways in which drone technology can make an impact on your ROI or how it can change the way you do business, this event will provide you with insights and answers on multiple levels. Stay up to date by inquiring about attending or exhibiting, and continue to follow  Commercial UAV News.

Want a glimpse into the 2023 Conference Program? Learn about some of the key topics and valuable questions that will be addressed by leaders of the industry below.

A Look Into the 2023 Conference Program

Wondering what sort of insights the FAA wants to see in a Part 107 Operational Waiver Application or Part 91 UAS exemptions? Or how you can make it apparent that you’re identifying operational risks and mitigations for those risks to ensure you are flying safely? Or what goes into the FAA’s complete safety analysis? Members of the FAA that review these sorts of requests and more will be at the event to provide feedback around the most common challenges and questions that they see and address with the submissions they receive and the feedback they provide on a daily basis. Come with questions and be ready to capture details related to what’s important to the FAA, what it means to clearly identify your proposed operations and more.

Many professionals have come to realize how much data can be gathered in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner via drones, but surveyors in particular have come to understand that they can do more with less by using drones. What does it mean to create drone and data collection operations tailored to specific surveying and mapping projects? How can workflows be developed from the surveying side? Do you need 2mm accuracy for every job? What happens when you capture more data than needed?

There is currently a large gap between crewed and uncrewed aviation. That gap has cultivated a sense of mistrust across technologies and industries, but it’s one that extends to the general public as well. This CUAV Summit will discuss where the industry is today, how the technology will evolve over the next decade to bridge this gap, what regulatory changes will likely be necessary, and what challenges the industry will face related to passenger expectations and public acceptance. Industry stakeholders will talk through and answer these questions:

• What should we be doing as an industry to increase security and trust?

• How we can build better airspace aware today

• Why is doing so vital to the future of the airspace as whole?

The value of using a drone to inspect and identify issues with roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, sewers, and other critical systems before they turn into problems is better understood than ever. However, the details associated with drone data collection techniques for these inspections are critical to understand. Are challenges with oversight protocols or training more significant to overcome? What costs need to come down (hardware, software, training, etc.) for an organization to either embrace or simply experiment with drones? What can it mean to use a drone as part of an inspection process where engineers may not be able to physically inspect a piece of infrastructure? How can the technology be deployed at scale? These questions will be explored and answered in a series of presentations that detail how drone technology is being used to create value for individual projects and across the enterprise.

The potential value that drones can enable for construction projects of all types when it comes to performing countless tasks in faster, cheaper and safer ways is well understood but what does it mean to unlock this value? How should this value be positioned to stakeholders that are removed from day-to-day realities where the technology makes a difference? A series of presentations will outline what doing so can and has meant in a variety of real-world situations, helping attendees understand how they can approach unlocking this value with their own workflow and throughout their organization.

For years now, energy and utilities companies have looked at drone technology as a means to reduce expenses and increase safety but adoption challenges had prevented many from moving forward. That has changed in a big way in 2023, with numerous organizations adopting the technology in large and small ways to create real value. What are some of the ways this value is being defined? How are operational expectations with these programs established? Who does what to ensure they simultaneously create opportunities for operators and the entire organization today and opportunity tomorrow? This session will showcase the industry’s leading drone programs to share insight on best practices, use cases, and safety methods.

Is 9 minutes enough time to newly inspire or wholly change the way you think about drone technology? Drone Industry Visionaries will prove it to you. Listen to what the most notable people from the top companies in the drone industry have to say about where the technology is today, how that should impact the choices you make for tomorrow, and what all of that means for the future.

Professionals in numerous industries have utilized drones in unexpected ways to create real value. Where specifically is this value being created though? And what does it mean to measure this value? What are some of the considerations and risk-management factors inherent in choices when it comes to in-house drone programs, outsourcing these services, or using a hybrid approach? Hear from industry stakeholders as well as drone program operators and team members as they discuss the roadmap to success through the implementation of drones as part of especially unique case studies that show where drones can create measurable and immeasurable value.

Professionals have utilized drones in unexpected ways to create real value. However, The value generated by drones in numerous industries and for various applications extends far beyond simple economic impacts, but how is the technology being used to unlock that value? And why has it made sense for stakeholders to push through what can something be especially onerous challenges with start-up costs and regulatory hurdles? How can these technology advocates best approach problems with existing hardware and software to enable this value at scale?

The 2022 Conference Program in Review

The biggest edition of the world's leading commercial drone trade show

In surpassing all expectations related to attendees, exhibitions and conference programming, the 2022 edition of the Commercial UAV Expo set a new standard as means of connection and source of education for everyone and anyone interested in commercial UAS technology, trends, and developments. Over two full days of conference programming, participants gained an in-depth understanding of the opportunities that are available when it comes to utilizing drones in construction, energy & utilities, drone delivery, infrastructure & transportation, mining & aggregates, public safety and more. More than 4,100 registrants had the opportunity to explore these innovations and insights across 340 booths and learn from 180 speakers. However, this success is just a sign of things to come for the Expo and the drone industry as a whole.

Day By Day Recaps

Things kicked off for the Commercial UAV Expo in a big way with outdoor flying demonstrations that allowed audiences to see drone technology in action. Ascent AeroSystems, Autel Robotics, Commaris, Frontier Precision, Skydio, Skyfront, Volatus Aerospace and Wingtra showcased what their solutions can do in real-world situations. However, that was just the start of what ended up being an especially impactful day.

Exhibitor showcases saw several presentations from companies than focused on everything from hardware to software to sensors to services. Each explained what their company had to offer in a way that allowed the audience to ask questions at the session and on the exhibit floor.

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The Opening and Keynote of Commercial UAV Expo 2022 saw Skydio CEO Adam Bry detail how and why the reliability of drone technology is what the inherent value of the technology is based upon. He also explored how this value to defining ROI for a variety of uses. The big news at the event centered on the Matternet M2 drone delivery system being the first to achieve FAA type certification. David H. Boulter, FAA Acting Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, detailed the significance of this development with Lisa Ellman, Executive Director of the Commercial Drone Alliance.

On the conference program, sessions focused on construction, energy & utilities, AAM/UAM, and infrastructure provided an audience with a sense of what it can mean to enable ROI on a whole new level. The Regulatory Insights sessions gave attendees a sense of how they can move past regular challenges, no matter how small or large. On the exhibit floor, Draganfly introduced two new Aircraft and a long-range lidar, while StrixDrones showcased the innovative DroneDrop, a patent-pending drone delivery mailbox.

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The largest ever version of the Commercial UAV Expo concluded in a big way with a keynote and presentations that outlined a path forward for the drone industry. On the keynote, Jay Merkle from the FAA moderate a panel that consisted of Dallas Brooks, Jim O’Sullivan, Sean Cassidy and Tom Walker. They touched on the major news associated with Matternet scoring the first type certification while also detailing how different stakeholders and companies consider the future of market.

Elsewhere, a panel of incredible women shared career path stories and delivered actionable insight based on their successes, key challenges, important learnings, and their current activities in the industry. Eszter Kovács from DroneTalks moderated the discussion which featured Candice McHargue, Okeoma Moronu, Abigail Smith and Zehra Akbar. Other sessions highlighted what it means to see drone technology utilized in specific vertical industries that ranged from mining & aggregates to precision agriculture, while the drone programs in the enterprise session pulled together a slew of experts that outlined the approach stakeholders need to take when it comes to creating value with the technology in the short and long term.

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