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Delft, Wednesday, May 13, 2020
ATMOS, the Delft-based drone manufacturer that develops high-end VTOL fixed-wing drones (UAVs) for surveying and mapping, has signed a distribution agreement with TOPO4D in Belgium. With this new collaboration, TOPO4D will offer Marlyn drones to local professionals, and provide them with training, support, and first-line maintenance.

Founded in 2020 in Aalst, Belgium, TOPO4D is a surveying agency with a wide a range of activities. Focused on accuracy and efficiency, the Belgian team offers services in the real estate and construction industries. Acknowledged for the fast operations and precision, TOPO4D is also regularly appointed by courts to provide accurate surveying reporting and advice. Apart from being a service provider of choice for the local community, TOPO4D also distributes the latest technology of (drone) surveying equipment and software.

“TOPO4D started as a service provider and in order to completely fulfil the needs of the market we decided to also include the distribution of aerial surveying equipment and software into our offering” said Guillaume Vanden Avenne, founder of TOPO4D. “After an extensive search, we saw Marlyn as the most advanced and complete surveying solution to start our product offering with” he concluded.

“‍After an extensive search, we saw Marlyn as the most advanced and complete surveying solution to start our product offering with” Guillaume Vanden Avenne, founder of TOPO4D

“Backed up with a highly experienced team in drone surveying and photogrammetry TOPO4D meets all our requirements when it comes to choosing our partners around the world“ commented James McLachlan, Business Developer at ATMOS. “The fact that they decided to begin their product offering with our platform is a huge compliment for us”, he added.

“The fact that they decided to begin their product offering with our platform is a huge compliment for us” James McLachlan, Business Developer at Atmos UAV

Marlyn is the first fully autonomous hybrid (VTOL & Fixed-wing) drone for mapping and surveying. With its patented design that combines the best of both worlds, Marlyn can take-off vertically from anywhere,and map fast and efficiently producing high quality outputs for professional users. It is the only drone (uav) in its class that is built to perform in harsh and windy conditions, while its easily swappable multiple payloads provides operators with an unprecedented flexibility.


Founded in 2013, ATMOS is a Delft (NL) based company specialised in the design and production of high-end aerial surveying and data collection drones that  enables professionals to effortlessly gather geospatial data and make accurate and informed decisions.

The flagship drone model Marlyn has a worldwide unique design that combines the high performance of a conventional fixed-wing aircraft with the flexibility of multirotors. With their patented technology, the company targets mapping, construction, mining, agriculture, environmental and related applications. To facilitate the fast growth of the company, ATMOS is currently attracting new talent to expand the team and scale-up the production.

Locations: Molengraaffsingel 12-14, 2629 JD Delft, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 15 744 0321
Email[email protected]

About TOPO4D

TOPO4D is a land surveying agency with a wide range of activities offering innovative services.

Besides our classical boundary measurements, land surveying services, estimates and site descriptions, we also offer other services such as drone surveys using photogrammetry, and we are regularly called in a court dispute to provide accurate surveying reports and advice when needed.

TOPO4D will also be offering sales of high-end surveying equipment and software.

Locations: Hof Somergem 58, 9300 Aalst Belgium
Phone: +32 473 70 89 15
[email protected]

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