Commercial UAV Expo Europe  

September 3-5, 2024  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

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Embention to Perform Veronte Autopilot HIL Simulator Demonstrations at Commercial UAV Expo

Veronte HIL simulator is one of the tools being displayed on Embention’s booth at the Commercial UAV Expo. You cannot miss the opportunity to operate a Veronte Autopilot powered aircraft on the HIL simulator!

HIL (Hardware In the Loop) simulator provides a real operation feeling. In fact, real Veronte Autopilot units are used for performing the simulation and this Veronte Autopilot “thinks” it is on a real flight.

Veronte HIL simulator uses X-Plane simulator to simulate flight data. Real Veronte Pipe software is used for controlling and monitoring the aircraft, in the same way it is done during a real flight.

During the simulation the X-Plane sends calculated sensor data (position, airspeed, altitude…) to the Veronte Autopilot connected to the system. Meanwhile, Veronte Autopilot sends control surface commands to the simulator so the aircraft can fly in the virtual environment.

Furthermore, the autopilot permits to perform the simulation meanwhile connected to a real aircraft. In this way, control surfaces will not only move on the aircraft 3D model but also will move on the real vehicle.

This powerful tool is used for both; system development and training. Simulated flight provides a close to reality aircraft performance, being possible to customize the 3D aircraft model. It permits to: test various aircraft configurations, try different control strategies, tune autopilot parameters, trim servos and control surfaces prior to flight, etc.

HIL simulator is also a useful tool for operator training. It permits to train operators in the use of the system in a safe environment. Veronte Pipe software used during the simulation is the same used on the real operation. In this way operators can gain confidence in the use of the system prior going to the real flight. Being even possible to test and tune manual and semi-automatic flight modes in the simulator.

X-Plane integration with Veronte Autopilot also provides situational awareness capabilities. During the real flight it is possible to monitor aircraft flight in a virtual environment. It displays a 3D aircraft model flying in a virtual environment including real mountains, buildings, etc.

HIL simulator has become an essential tool for any UAV integrator or manufacturer permitting to perform all kind of tests and train operators in a safe environment.

Visit Veronte Autopilot website:

Do not miss this opportunity for meeting Embention team and delight with an HIL simulation demonstration for Veronte Autopilot features at the Commercial UAV Show. Booth #233.

Booth: 233

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