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Viper Drones Announces Partnership with International Firm, My Drone Services



Birmingham, AL – Viper Drones is pleased to announce a partnership with international firm, My Drone Services (MDS), an innovation leader in commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology ( Combining the aerial inspection focus of MDS with Viper’s expertise in the integration of thermal imaging technology with drones, the company is positioned to provide sophisticated solutions to multiple types of industry as well as the public sector.
Viper Drones will now operate as a subsidiary of My Drone Services, and is expanding by hiring additional personnel to deliver a comprehensive aerial inspection service, further developing our industry-leading UAV training program, and enhancing our online store.

Founded in 2015 by colleagues and friends, Viper Drones co-owners Rich Shannon and Andy Beck, will continue with the company in a business development leadership role. Both have extensive application experience in industry with decades of thermal imaging technology expertise. Shannon agreed with Beck’s statement about the future of Viper Drones, “Our partnership with MDS will allow us to better meet the needs of our customer base through enhanced services and supply of high-end UAV systems.”

More companies and public agencies today are incorporating commercial UAVs into their enterprise workflows. A drone or UAV equipped with thermal imaging or optical gas imaging can quickly and safely locate inefficiencies or problem areas with high resolution images and video of processes, facilities, and pipelines. These same technology solutions are used for surveillance, search and rescue, to aid in firefighting, and to locate missing persons.

A company specializing in the integration of FLIR thermal imaging systems on UAV systems, Viper Drones provides a complete service for our clients that is accurate, affordable, fast and safe. Our service provides drones, pilots, sophisticated sensors, software and licenses. We work with clients in the oil and gas industry, utilities, manufacturing, building diagnostics, law enforcement, recreation, and more. The philosophy of Viper Drones is to serve customers with solutions that will save lives, time and expense. Please visit for more information.

Viper Drones
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