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Session Details

From Photogrammetry Data to Survey Deliverable by Virtual Surveyor

Sep 05 2023

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

Room 404

Drone surveying does not end at the photogrammetry! To provide relevant and usable data to engineers and surveyors, the data must be prepared for their CAD and workflows.

 Learn how to intelligently convert your heavy drone data to a lightweight CAD model that has design intent or deliverables that are client ready.

This workshop will focus on utilizing Virtual Surveyor to create intelligent, design intent-focused data that integrates perfectly into surveyors, engineers, and other professionals’ existing workflows.

In this workshop, you will learn Virtual Surveyor concepts and practices and see real world examples of how some common projects are processed. Focus projects include:

•             ALTA Surveying

•             Topographic site survey integrating point grids, breaklines, and field shots

•             Lidar topographic site survey and data quality analysis

•             Road surveying with line offsets and section lines

•             Mine surveying from breaklines

•             Mine surveying with Point Grids & breaklines

•             Mine site monitoring for safety analysis

•             Construction site monitoring with cut & fill maps

•             Advanced stockpile inventory for complex piles and sites

•             Water volume analysis for fracking pits or retention basins

Access to this workshop is NOT included in a Full Conference pass. Additional registration is required to attend this Workshop. $25 registration fee.

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