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September 3-5, 2024  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

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Alexandra Florin

Alexandra joined Wing in September 2020 and is acting as Aviation Technical Standards Manager. In her position, Alexandra has a central role working cross the company on regulatory strategic policies on various topics such as BVLOS, autonomy, DAA, UTM, security and spectrum. She is highly involved in the development of standards within ASTM F38 UAS committee and is cochairing Eurocae WG-105 UAS since February 2021. Before joining Wing, EASA worked 9 years for EASA. During the first 7 years, Alexandra worked in the EASA Certification Directorate. In her quality of Safety Expert and Senior Expert in Development Assurance, she has been involved in JARUS Working Group 6 since 2014 and is one of the key funder of the Specific Operation Risk Assessment (SORA), a holistic methodology, operation centered, to support the authorization of UAS operations under the European “Specific Category”. During the last two years she spent in EASA, Alexandra was the EASA Drones Project Manager. She provided expert assistance with the planning and execution of the agency's drone activities and played a strategic role in driving and closely monitoring the implementation of an operation centric, proportionate, and risk/performance-based regulatory framework for UAS operations in Europe. Before entering EASA in 2011, Alexandra worked ten years for the French industry as System Architect of Engine Control Systems.

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