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A2Z Drone Delivery RDST Longtail

A2Z Drone Delivery RDST Longtail

A2Z Drone Delivery, Inc, developer of commercial drone delivery solutions, is launching its second generation RDST integrated cargo drone. The RDST Longtail offers drone service providers and logistics operators an off-the-shelf, ready-to-fly delivery UAV for last mile delivery. The RDST Longtail is capable of delivering or retrieving payloads up to 5 kg over a distance of 11 km making it ideal for local parcel or food delivery, emergency medical deliveries, drone-born water sampling programs, search and rescue operations, and more.

With the upgrades made to this new RDST Longtail, A2Z Drone Delivery is helping to democratize drone delivery, not just for residential delivery but for any use case where operators need to quickly and efficiently deliver or retrieve payloads. For example, A2Z Drone Delivery platforms are in use delivering emergency defibrillators to first responders in the field, collecting water samples for analysis, and delivering supplies in disaster relief efforts.

Available in a Standard edition ready for customization, or a rainproof Premium edition featuring the company’s factory-integrated RDS2 drone winch, The RDST Longtail enables payloads to be deposited safely from altitude where spinning rotors are kept far from people and property. With no need for specialty payload boxes, it is able to auto-release the shippers’ own boxes or bags without the need for a recipient to be on site to receive the payload. Ready to fly through inclement weather, the RDST Longtail Premium edition also comes with a quick-release battery system to limit downtime. Designed to meet the 55-pound FAA max takeoff weight requirement, the RDST Longtail is remote ID compliant with a factory-integrated remote ID beacon.

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