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Session Details

DOCK TALKS: Present and Future – Remote Operations Applications in the US

Sep 06 2023

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM PDT

Exhibit Hall Theater

Join us for an informational session and discover how DJI Dock is transforming the landscape of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) deployments in various industries. Explore captivating case studies and expert insights on the game-changing capabilities of DJI Dock including live flight controls, emergency response, exploring the use of DJI Dock for avalanche monitoring and more. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the future of aerial operations with DJI Dock.

This Session will cover the Dock integration and deployment in real-case scenarios, including:

  • Pearland PD Case Study: Explore the successful deployment of DJI Dock in Pearland, Texas, including the utilization of live flight controls, drone as a first responder, and BVLOS operations in complex airspace.
  • Alaska Deployments: Learn about deployment for a state emergency in Alaska, where DJI Dock has been instrumental in collecting mapping data. Additionally also cover exploring the use of DJI Dock to monitor for potential avalanches and transforming emergency response.
  • Industry Applications: Uncover the potential of DJI Dock in solar, electrical utilities, and oil and gas, and how it optimizes operations, enhances safety, and maximizes productivity
  • Deploying DJI Dock BVLOS: Discover how the DJI Dock has been deployed in BVLOS operations.


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