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Session Details

Security and Counter Drone – Government Insights

Sep 07 2023

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM PDT

Room 312

Drones have so many benefits, but they can also be mis-used. What kinds of options are available to organizations that want to get a better sense of the threats that are in their airspace and in turn take action around them? How are different government agencies approaching approvals for counter-drone programs that fit specific security needs while also ensuring they don't interfere with the NAS? These answers will be outlined as part of two distinct conversations that feature insights from both industry and government stakeholders.

The Government Panel will showcase representatives from various agencies who will outline how their teams and departments are tasked with ensuring that counter drone solutions do not adversely impact the safe and efficient operation of the nation’s airspace. The panel will provide attendees with a better sense of how they can find and use safe solutions that protect their assets while also maintaining the security of the entire airspace.

Panel moderated by Michael Robbins, AUVSI

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Department of Homeland Security

The MITRE Corporation

Virginia State Police


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