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September 5-7, 2023  •  Caesars Forum  •  Las Vegas

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Sky Operations Across the Globe

Sep 06 2023

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM PDT

Exhibit Hall Theater

Drones are creating value for operators and organizations across the world but how are stakeholders able to get the technology off the ground while also defining the value of the effort? Can developments and innovation in one region define action items and takeaways for stakeholders in another?

Listen in as a series of presenters answer these questions and more to outline the many different ways drones are making a difference from Alberta to Zimbabwe.

Session moderated by Juan Plaza, Juan B Plaza Consulting Corp

Large Scale Drone Mapping – Solving Survey Challenges on a Country-Wide Scale

As part of the Government of India's Digital India campaign, the government has launched an ambitious scheme to map 660,000 villages in India using drones under the SVAMITVA scheme and to digitize all land records in India. The goal of this scheme is to create accurate land records for rural planning, reduce property-related disputes, bring financial stability to citizens, and so on. This presentation aims to go over the learnings of this large scale drone based survey, and how such learnings can be adopted globally.

Raghav Mallick, ideaForge Technology

From Anti-Piracy Operations to Inspection, Mapping and Marketing: Building West Africa's First Comprehensive UAV System

ATC has designed and deployed a comprehensive UAV system and fleet for the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GHPA) at the ports of Tema, Takoradi and the naval base at Sekondi. The GPHA had no prior experience with drones, so the project involved training 27 of their personnel to be certified drone pilots under Part 28 of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority. In addition, we built from scratch the data flow and exploitation workflows for multiple disciplines of users, including Engineering and Surveying, Security, and Communications and Marketing. The presentation is in a case study format that presents all of these issues from the perspective of having to create a UAS space where none existed before.

John Jackley, Advanced Technology Communications

Drone Delivery is a Reality Today in Latin America. A View to yhe First Urban Drone Delivery Network.

Today in Quito Ecuador we see the world's first integral aerial delivery network in a 3M population city. Connecting anywhere to anywhere in under 20 min. Applying core technologies in such a unique manner and at such a scale that can be replicated in thousands of cities around the world.

Santiago Barrera, Aerialoop

Usage of Drone in Power Transmission Projects at Sterlite Power

As power transmission developers, we own the asset for 35 years after commissioning & therefore Drone usage becomes critical during below mentioned project phases. At Sterlite, in our first UAV usage trail in Dec 2016 to string a 2.5 mm plateena rope across a span of around 450 meters between 2 towers over a deep valley with heavy vegetation, we failed. Very Next day we made the 2nd attempt & we succeeded, from then we never looked back & have been first movers in the Power Transmission Industry to use drone. We created positive impact on key project enablers i.e. Time, Cost, Quality, Safety & environment.

Rahul Uniyal, Sterlite Power Transmission Limited

Unlock BVLOS Potential of Drone Over Populated Area for Gas Inspection

There are many initiatives underway across the world to develop the technologies and regulations needed to fully enable the potential of drone operations to be realised. A significant factor in realising this potential is enabling drones to operate Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). Over the past few years, Thales has been utilising its vast experience in certified aircraft avionics systems and air traffic management develop technologies and has carried out a number of trials of BVLOS operations. This presentation will discuss the work carried out to date, and the lessons learned from both a technological and regulatory perspective over gas infrastructure operation in South west of France.

Audrey Pann, Thales AVS


Juan B Plaza Consulting Corp

ideaForge Technology

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Sterlite Power Transmission Limited

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