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FCC Commissioner Carr shows support for American Drone Makers

FCC commissioner Carr discusses with Dr. Orest Pilskalns how Skyfish autonomous drone technology breakthroughs are changing the wireless industry.

MISSOULA, Mont. and WASHINGTON, D.C. – Skyfish, an American drone manufacturer and leader in autonomous flight navigation, welcomes Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr who just visited Skyfish offices at the Montana Technology Enterprise Center in Missoula, Montana, to learn first-hand how autonomous drones can service critical infrastructure, including cell tower sites.

“At the FCC, we are focused on winning the race to 5G and unleashing the economic opportunities it can create in communities across the country,” Commissioner Carr stated. “That means clearing the way for building and maintaining next-generation infrastructure, including new towers and cell sites. That’s where drones are playing an increasingly important role—they can be used to safely inspect and maintain wireless sites. I enjoyed learning more about the U.S. innovations that are driving this emerging industry,” Carr added.

“We really appreciate Commissioner Carr’s visit and his understanding of the importance of American drone manufacturing,” says Dr. Orest Pilskalns, CEO of Skyfish. “American drone innovation creates an important localized knowledge base and a more skilled work force that in-turn helps America maintain its global technology leadership for decades to come. Who better to protect, inspect and monitor America’s critical infrastructure with drones than American drone makers,” added Pilskalns.

About Skyfish – Smarter Drones© |

Founded in 2014 by mapping technology pioneer Dr. Orest Pilskalns, Skyfish is headquartered in Missoula, Montana, within a thriving community of mapping, modelling and radar technology specialists. The company’s radical approach to unmanned aerial system (UAS) architecture, platforms, automation and measurement, is ideal for engineering and critical infrastructure companies requiring ultra-high levels of inspection performance, measurement and accuracy.

Cell Towers, Bridges, Hydro Electric Dams, Roadways, Railways, Power Lines, Oil Rigs, Gas Refineries, and Cooling Towers are all examples of critical infrastructure that can benefit from Skyfish’s precise, engineering grade, 3D models.

Skyfish M4 autonomous drone for engineering grade inspection of wireless infrastructure.

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