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World UAV Federation, Finnish Chapter To Organize Webinar: Where we will fly after Covid 19?

Fly to the Future with Us!

WUAVF Finnish chapter has the great pleasure of formally inviting you to the Helsinki Drone webinar 04th of June 2020 Helsinki time 12.00 to 14.00 (GMT 10.00-12.00) The Helsinki Drone webinar brings together internationally recognized executives, leading experts, drone professionals, and manufacturers from all around the world to exchange and share their experiences. Furthermore, the webinar panel will serve as a platform to conduct extensive discussions relevant to the UAV Industry, co-operation enhancement, and partnership building. We will have 3 to 4 presentations about the future of Drones after Covid19 and what kind of innovations were created during the pandemic.

You can follow the webinar through this link:


12.00-12.05 Opening Speech, Stephen Sutton, Vice President WUAVF – Finnish Chapter

12.05-12.25 Lecture 1 Yasuhiro Senda, Executive Vice President of JUIDA

12.30-12.50 Lecture 2 Jani Hirvinen, Vice Chairman at World UAV Federation, China

13.00-13.20 Lecture 3, Brett Kanda, UAS Business Development Manager

13.20-13.40 Lecture 4, Bobby Healy, CEO & Founder of Manna Drone Delivery

13.40-14.00 Panel Discussion


Yasuhiro Senda, Executive Vice President of JUIDA (Japan UAS Industrial Development Association), Director of JAPAN-SME Innovation Association The Cutting Edge TAKUMI In 1964, Senda graduated from the Department of Engineering of University of Tokyo and was employed by Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co. Ltd (currently KDDI CORPORATION). After his engagement in the research and development of international phone exchange system and data exchange system, Yasuhiro used to be the Chief of London Office, General Manager and Director of Telehouse Europe Co. Ltd. In 1996, he became the Director of O-net, Inc. Afterwards, in 2000, Senda becomes a committee of NASDA National Space Development Agency of Japan (currently JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) ,in 2012, a Director of Kokka-Vision Research Centre and in 2013, a Director of Japan SME Innovation Association.

Jani Hirvinen, Vice Chairman at World UAV Federation, China Jani is one of the leading UAV/UGV developers in the world and well-known developer in worlds biggest development community DIYDrones. He’s biggest contribution for drone world is creation of ArduCopter multicopter platform that made multicopters well known globally and started this current Drone revolution.

Brett Kanda, UAS Business Development Manager Brett manages global sales, partnerships, and policy for FLIR’s sUAS business and has been deeply integrated in the commercial drone industry since 2013. In 2013 and 2015 respectively, he co-founded two separate drone companies focused on remote sensing and actionable data. After providing drone solutions to end users in multiple vertical markets and interacting with the industry ecosystem at large, he went on to work for the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems and the FAA-designated Nevada UAS Test Site as the Director of Business Development. At NIAS, Brett worked with the FAA, policy makers, private industry and academia to help progress the FAA’s mission of safely integrating UAS into the NAS.

Bobby Healy, CEO and Founder @ Manna Drone Delivery Bobby Healy is an experienced inventor and technology entrepreneur, having started his career building computer games for Nintendo at 16 years of age. He initially built and sold Eland Technologies to travel industry titan ‘SITA.AERO’ in 2003, before recently leading CarTrawler – the World’s largest B2B mobility marketplace for the airline industry – which now has unicorn status. Healy led it through several private equity LBOs and continues to serve on their board. Healy is now CEO and Founder of Manna which he founded in 2018. Manna is the world’s first aviation-grade B2B drone food delivery ‘as-a-service’ company. Bobby continues to be an avid computer programmer and is a frequent speaker on the international circuit on subjects related to technology in the airline industry, ancillary revenue and online distribution.


Pertti Jalasvirta, President WUAVF-Finnish Chapter Pertti is Cyberwatch Finland Oy partner. 30 years of work history is proof of his solid background of professional expertise in government affairs, resource management, administrative management, planning of organizational development in military medicine, education and hospital relations, as well as CBRN protection and training of security, cyber skills within education industry, the healthcare and medical industry.

Tero Vuorenmaa, Vice President WUAVF – Finnish Chapter Tero is Robots Expert Finland Oy Founder and CEO. Apart from working with Robots Expert (REX), Tero is the SEO of BVdrone Oy, a drone operator focused on long-range and long-endurance, civil drone operations. Tero has been developed Drone solutions for Helsinki University. Tero has worked in ICT, especially with Microsoft Technology focusing on critical software development for medical applications. Tero has an in-depth knowledge of agile SW development and strongly regulated environments. Tero has a strong experience in quality systems and quality assurance in the SW industry. Tero was rewarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in years 2009-2011 for the work of Software lifecycle management in the Software industry.

Stephen Sutton, Vice President WUAVF – Finnish Chapter Stephen has been an active participant in the Finnish UAV community for over 3 years. As Managing Director of The Fly-By Guys, Stephen is helping shape the UAV industry in Finland by working alongside the municipalities and the Finnish telecom sector providing inspection services. Stephen is also a very popular drone photographer, and we suggest you check him out.

Gokul Srinivasan, Director of Technology, Robots Expert Finland Oy Gokul has hands-on experience with robotics, UAVs, UGVs, multi-agent systems, distributed AI systems & AI in general. He is now leading the efforts towards 5GDrones Project, a H2020 project funded by the European Commission. Gokul is also an actively contributing member of the NASA Advanced Air Mobility Technical Working Group, and African Drone Forum UAV Payload Delivery Group. Previously, Gokul was a defense contractor in the US with several years of experience in the aviation industry.

Hannu Karvonen, Senior Scientist, Ecosystem Lead for Autonomous Systems Hannu Karvonen works as a Senior Scientist and Ecosystem Lead for Autonomous Systems at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. He is currently the Coordinator of an innovation ecosystem called Rethinking Autonomy and Safety (RAAS, RAAS includes over 200 researchers from 28 research organizations and one of RAAS’ key application domains is drones. Hannu has a Master’s Degree in Economics and a PhD in Cognitive Science. He has 17 years of work background in usability research and user interface design both from the academia and industry. His previous research work has focused on human factors in complex systems, user experience design in safety-critical environments and the R&D of autonomous systems.

WORLD UAV FEDERATION was established in June 2017 by Mr. Jincai Yang (Chairman); its unveiling ceremony was held on October 31, 2017 in Shenzhen, China. Up to the current, the chapters include: Finland, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, Australia Queensland, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Korea, Egypt, Greece, Russia Tatarstan and Indonesia, etc. Having already 12 international WUAVF members, we sincerely welcome other country chapters who are interested in joining us as one of our chapter members. “WORLD UAV FEDERATION is the organization committed to promoting the development of UAV industry and technology worldwide with certain professional and ethical standards.” Jincai Yang , Chairman & Founder

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